‘Wild’ zine

My brand new zine ‘Wild’ will debut at the Bristol Comics and Zines Fair 2015. My little zine will be on the community table alongside some really hot upcoming writing and illustration talent at the event, which will be held at The Station, Bristol on Saturday 3rd October 2015. ‘Wild’ is a 32 page A5


‘Hunt’ is my pen illustration featuring a knowing and undeterred wide-eye, moons, swirling flowers and droplets. This illustration is the last I’ve been working on for a brand new zine I am making especially for my debut at the Bristol Comics and Zine Festival 2015′. My zines will be on the Festivals’ community table and


‘Feline’ is a drawing featuring a female feline face, swirls, spirals, moons, circles, spots, flowers and teardrop shapes… For print and homewares options, please click the following: >>> BLACK AND WHITE <<< OR >>> PINK AND WHITE <<< .

I See You Owl and Foliage

‘I See You Owl and Foliage’ is a pencil drawing by Georgie Watts featuring a female Owl crying, peeking through swirling foliage and tendrils. For print options, please >>> CLICK HERE <<< .

Wild Patterns

‘Wild Patterns’ is my latest hand drawn illustration featuring swirling vines, spirals, moons, circles, spots, flowers, teardrop shapes and flowing ‘Wild’ text. It is available in both black and white and purple and white and works wonderfully on homewares, kitchenwares as well as on makeup accessory bags, tees and of course high quality prints! Click

Owl Eyes Book Third Edition

I’m pleased to say my book ‘Owl Eyes’ just got a revamp! I made a few changes to the story, removed anything I felt extraneous (this is actually it’s Third edition) and designed a brand new cover. In essence everything remains just as I intended it to be – a gritty 90s love story set

She Lynx and the Ferns

Last Sunday, we took a very long walk to the beach and decided (some would say rather foolishly!) to walk back through the fields and woods, just as dusk was finishing up it’s journey over Norfolk. I kept telling myself that being in even the darkest of woods is no more scary than in the

Moon Hare and the Violets

‘Moon Hare and the Violets’ is my illustration of a lady brown hare poking her elegant head out from behind beautiful violets and love hearts. Fossil records suggest that Brown hares were introduced into Great Britain as early as 2000 BC, being brought along to our shores from Continental Europe by ancient tribes. They are

Can’t Be Tamed

Can’t Be Tamed is an illustration I have been working on, featuring a female Grey Wolf with deep knowing eyes, looking out at you from beautiful fritillaries. Grey Wolves used to live in Great Britain until extensive hunting caused them to go extinct by the late 1600s. You can buy this illustration as a print:

Let’s Make It #Together- Smiley #hearts in #love #illustration

There comes a time in all relationships, when a couple’s commitment to each other becomes tested, often due to outside influences which put a strain on loving relationships. My ‘Let’s Make It Together’ love heart drawing is especially for lovers who, despite facing difficulties, continue to believe in each other as individuals and continue to